Making Some Noise: Composing a Presence

Beki Smith is a Glasgow based Composer who graduated from the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She needed a digital focal point for her work which would elevate her above her peers and showcase her music and events information. Beki already had a presence on several social media platforms and was looking to reach a wider audience who could feed back to a professional site and brand.


Creating a Brand

To help support Beki’s digital presence I created a handwritten style logo to apply to the website, this would act as a stylised brand which would help to unify the many social accounts as well as provide an opportunity for future brand positioning such as business cards. The script approach was chosen to give a feeling of personalisation to the identity with the extra points added at the letter B to evoke a musical Bass clef.


Beki Smith Brand


A Scalable Solution

The masonry style allows Beki to arrange information in an elegant hierarchy while simultaneously offering a flexible framework which adapts to any device size. This flexibility is a key feature as many visitors are directed to the site via social sources, often on a portable device. Establishing the role of each device in the user journey is important when developing a project of this type especially as usage trends change over time from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

By understanding user interaction with the systems in place such as social media sites and the main website, we can learn how to serve content in an effective manner. Google Analytics is a great resource in this respect, capable of drawing a detailed picture of user behaviour across devices. By analysing current data trends we gain an insight into location, device and browser type. With data in hand, the site can not only be delivered effectively but continue to be refined to adapt to usage.


Overview of website, logo and tablet view


A Professional Hub

The final product was delivered as a place where Beki can promote and continually refer back to when developing her work. The site gives a platform for showcasing as well as documenting her achievements. It serves as a central hub for news, events and music and promotes her as a professional in her field.

Since the launch of her new website, Beki has worked with the Hebrides Ensemble, New Music Expedition and Live Music Now Scotland with more to come.