Developed by Google: Digital Marketing

Developed by Google: Digital Marketing

Squared Online is a digital marketing and leadership course developed with Google. in 2016 I enrolled through my employer with a view to expanding my understanding of marketing and further my digital skills. My role had just expanded into marketing and I felt that I needed to develop myself to better suit new requirements that this entailed.

Joining the Squared Digital Marketing Network

The course is run through evening classes to fit in with busy professionals and encourages learners to work collaboratively through virtual groups. Once the initial warm up class work is complete, learners are grouped up and tasked with completing an exercise purely as part of a virtual team. As the course progresses the teams are mixed and by the close of the course each participant will have completed five modules over three different virtual teams. This enables participants to not only learn about digital marketing but also to experience collaboratively how their peers can contribute to the work and industry.


Digital Marketing Course - Developed by Google & Squared Online


Hands-on Learning

Breaking up the group work are lectures and classes from industry professionals which emphasise interaction, fun and expression. Through these classes, learners experience the personality and experience that these professionals bring to the course and have the opportunity to ask questions.

The course is presented through the Moodle framework and offers a structured and gated approach to the learning materials ensuring that participation is well sign posted and easy to keep up with. The course touch points cover an overview of the key digital marketing points and over the course, I developed a digital marketing plan, a disruptive company business plan and finally a white paper documenting “How Sponsored Data can Create New Revenue in the Future Data Market”.

A Rich Learning Experience

The course was a fantastic experience and upon graduation, I was one of 4 participants (from around 150) who was voted ‘inspirational square’ by my peers. The course teaches professional development through working with others as well as asking learners to think about themselves and their role in organisations and I’d ┬árecommend Squared Online to anyone looking to enhance digital skills and leadership.

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