Turning It Up to 11: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Wedding

Turning It Up to 11: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Wedding

Two friends asked me to create the invites for their rock themed wedding. A gig ticket style print design was requested incorporating the guitars and heavy metal styling that has brought the couple together. They wanted to bring about a festival rock concert feeling while still keeping a traditional wedding event feel.

During the initial discovery phase, we discussed using print techniques to further enhance the ticket effect. Foil blocking and perforation were included in the brief and the inclusion of heavy metal band typography. Working with local printer Push Print, we agreed on a digital silk 300gsm stock with foil blocking on the names and perforation to create a ticket stub effect.


Wedding tickets print design


A Whole Lotta Love

The reverse of the invites used a typewriter font to further enhance the ticket. The event date has been utilised as a ticket number and small touches such as barcodes and a guitar watermark have been added to complete the effect.


Wedding tickets print design Wedding tickets print design


More Than a Feeling

Since the tickets have been sent out there has been an overwhelmingly positive reception with many people sharing pictures of the tickets online. The next part of the job is to adapt the ticket style over customised VIP lanyards which will contain several A6 cards detailing aspects of the big day.


More to follow.

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