A Guide to the Future: Modern Apprenticeships

A Guide to the Future: Modern Apprenticeships

Sixth Sense Training is an independent training company based in central Scotland. Their services are designed to make people more efficient in the working environment. They range from short learning opportunities that improve basic vocational skills to full Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), giving the learner a recognised qualification in his or her vocation.


Brochure Design - Modern Apprenticeship Brochure


Unifying the brand

At the initial planning stage, it became evident that the company had previously created materials on an individual basis with very little brand continuity.

As a result, the project became not only a brochure design but also a chance to create an extension to the Sixth Sense Brand which could be taken forward in future materials.

The first port of call was to collect together the current materials relating to the brand.

The main elements which did link together Sixth Sense Training were those of the colour scheme (Green, Blue and White) and the use of Humanist typefaces within the body copy to evoke a professional, easy to read style.

With this in mind, the colour scheme and fonts were investigated and developed to sit closely with these style rules, allowing the brand to move forward while keeping ties to the previous materials.


Brochure Design - Modern Apprenticeship Brochure


A Design for the Future

The final brochure design incorporated Verdana, a Humanist font with high readability as its body font and Bariol, a clean display font for headings.

Colours were drawn from the Sixth Sense Training Logo; the Green was taken directly from the logo and the Blue moved towards a Teal to create a warmer body text colour to that of the Grey used previously, helping the colours to live together more harmoniously.

The final delivery was a great success and formed the base of the future brand guidelines across digital and print communications.

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