Branding for Growth: Sixth Sense

Branding for Growth: Sixth Sense

A friend of mine approached me to rethink his company’s branding. The logo was in need of a redesign as it did not accurately reflect the business and the company as a whole did not have a clear brand identity. Without this, much of the marketing materials were appearing disconnected and inconsistent.

The rationale behind the existing identity was that it was made up of the number 6 wrapped around the letter S. Although those elements are part of the name of the company, they are not the most important aspects and certainly don’t tie in with any of the company’s services.


Branding - Before and After


Reflecting the Business

The initial chat involved taking the good things from the current materials and assets to build into the new direction. It was agreed that the current colours were strong and fitted the company’s educational services well. The company specialises in training in technology as well as supplying the hardware and software so it was asked that the brand reflect this technical specialisation a little more. With this in mind, a technical style typeface was selected for the main logo and branding title moving forward.

The new identity incorporated six lines which visually mesh together forming a bond between learning and technology. The icon also evokes two letter S shapes and has an energy about it which fits the company ethos of education and growth.


Branding - Visual


A Strong Identity

The new brand is clean and more in keeping with the ethos of the company. Gone is the confusing ambiguous logo shape and in its place is a strong geometric identity which can be easily dismantled and adapted across different mediums and styles.

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